Bringing the practices of mindfulness and dialogue to leadership conversations


Learning pathways

Originate works within complexity, where ideas meet action, logic meets intuition, structures meet human beings, plans meet emergence…and where unfathomable things occur.

To navigate an uncertain world, we all need to:

think more widely and deeply than our usual environment allows;
● cultivate the wherewithal to navigate turbulence with resilience and grace; and
● consciously influence the shape and quality of our important conversations.

Originate can assist you to foster capability in these arenas, whether as a leader, coach or other practitioner. There are three pathways:

● bespoke, in-house leadership development programmes to change practice in your meetings and conversations;
● executive coaching dialogues for individual leaders; and
● coaching supervision dialogues for practicing executive coaches.

Changing conversations

Do all your conversations go well? Are all your meetings engaging and worthwhile?

As a prospective client, you’re likely to be wondering why some conversations are effective while others end in frustration (or worse). What makes a conversation fit-for-purpose?

Appreciating the factors that influence conversational energy and support a fertile space for thinking together can change the way you engage with others. Whilst this can be valuable individually, going it alone discounts the role of the collective in creating conversational ‘routines’ that limit collaboration and innovation.

To change patterns of conversation in a team or work group it pays to learn together how to embody dialogue practices and to think strategically about how you talk and listen to each other. Together, you can cultivate capacity to accommodate disparate priorities and differing styles, whilst each person remains true to their values and concerns. While this is slow work, it liberates the potential to accomplish more than you believe to be possible.

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Executive coaching dialogues

As a prospective client, you’re likely to be working in a leadership role where the challenges are complex and your environment is uncertain, dynamic and demanding. You need to influence colleagues with divergent priorities and differing styles, whilst remaining calmly true to your own values and concerns. You are curious about the impact of your leadership style on the performance of those around you.

You expect executive coaching to support you to broaden your ‘repertoire’, and provide purposeful time and space for you to air what’s on your mind and consider how to proceed.

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Coaching supervision dialogues

As a prospective client, you’re likely to be an executive coach working with clients in complex leadership roles. You are aware of your professional responsibilities to be in supervision and expect your coaching supervision arrangement to provide you with purposeful time, space and support to engage in reflective practice.

You are open to co-creating supervision sessions that liberate you to be your best as a coach, and inspire you to continue to do potent work.

As your prospective partner in coaching supervision…more…

For more information about any of these learning pathways, please contact me.